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Old Tom & the Lookouts is a Boston-based Indie-Folk band, creating hopeful, evocative music about mental health. The lyrically driven project is shared through the lens of writer and singer, Alex Calabrese. With the combined efforts of Alex, and bandmate and violinist, Cecilia Vacanti, the two provide a minimalist tone, accompanied by lush string arrangements, witty and brooding lyrics, soulful melodies, and striking harmonies.


“With a folksy, easygoing sonic apparatus, band members Alex Calabrese and Cecilia Vacanti create a hauntingly beautiful project with Just for Beasts.” - Lunar Sonar


The band’s debut record, Beautiful or Not, pays homage to influences such as Frightened Rabbit, Phoebe Bridgers and Tom Waits, capturing a new voice within the Indie-Folk genre. The band is set to release their sophomore record, Just for Beasts on November 4th, 2021.


Currently, Alex and Cecilia frequent the North Eastern circuit with plans to tour back out to Colorado and down the East Coast.

Photo by Liam Noonan

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